You may be loading your belongings into a sea-can storage unit and wonder how to make the loading process more efficient and better organized. There is no perfect formula for storing your belongings efficiently, as it varies among individuals’ preferences regarding storage methods. However, some accessories help you better organize your belongings, save time, and optimize your storage space. Below we outline some suggestions and tips for getting the most out of your storage services.

Let’s start with accessories:

Storage boxes

Perhaps, storage boxes are the most straightforward and easily obtainable accessory that will help you better organize your storage unit.

Storage boxes are readily available at most department stores and at relatively low prices. By placing your items in a box and stacking them, you’ll better utilize the whole volume of storage space within the sea-can.

One other tip is to label your storage boxes. You will know which package has which items in it by doing so. This will save you time and frustration when searching for that one specific thing you stored away.

LuckyBox and ContainerWest stacked containers

Pallet Rack installation

Another way to better organize your belongings and optimize storage space is to install pallet racking inside your sea-can. Although pallet racking may cost time and effort to establish and is more expensive than storage boxes, it is unarguably more durable and will last longer.

The good thing about pallet racking is that you can always customize it to make it more applicable for your storage needs; choose the number of levels you want and customize the pallet rack’s size and height.

ContainerWest yard on Mitchell Island, Richmond BC

Storage tips

As we mentioned above, there is no one perfect way to store your items in a sea-can. Each individual has their own unique needs and ways of doing things. One essential storage tip we can recommend is placing items that you will need frequent access to near the sea-can entrance. This will save you time and effort while moving things in and out of your sea-can storage unit.

Feel free to send us a note or call us for more information on how to make the loading process more efficient and better organized.