How to Prepare for Your CANSTORE Container

Made a date with CANSTORE and counting down the days before its delivery? We’re looking forward to meeting you too. While you wait, why not prepare for your CANSTORE Container’s arrival?

By preparing your belongings ahead of time, you can be confident that everything will be re-delivered to you in its original condition, since you took such great care packing it all up. Here are some of our tips:

Declutter Ahead of Time

Decluttering might feel like a chore, but trust us: when you’re moving, it’s much less of a chore to get rid of non-essentials. There’s no point hauling all that stuff over to your new place, only to realize you don’t need it anymore once you get there.

If you can avoid storing the stuff you don’t really need, you might as well. Save that space for the stuff you actually like!

Figure out what’s coming along for the ride before your CANSTORE Container arrives, so you know exactly what’s going where, and what’s staying behind. Thank us later.

Use the Right Packing Materials

By making the most of your supplies — like moving blankets, paper wrap, bubble wrap, and all the other good stuff — you can restrict movement in transit to ensure all your items will be kept safe and sound.

Write Up an Inventory List

The easiest way to start your inventory list is to go room by room and write down everything you will be moving. In each room, begin with the largest items, such as furniture. If you’re short on time, you don’t necessarily have to list each small item, such as every book or piece of clothing.

Put as Much as You Can Into Boxes

It’s much easier to stack boxes on top of boxes. Boxes will keep your belongings safe and sound and make the packing process a whole lot easier. We suggest you fill each box to its capacity and eliminate any empty spaces you can, using packing paper or other fillers.

Label Boxes Properly

Most people only label one side of the moving box, but it makes sense to add separate labels on all sides of the box. This way, you won’t need to turn the box around several times just to read the label.

How to Load Your CANSTORE Container

So, you’ve booked your CANSTORE Container and made a date – congrats! Once your booking is organized, you can start preparing for your container to arrive.

If you want to make sure your stuff is returned to you in perfect condition, you should take extra care loading your CANSTORE Container. Here are our suggestions, step-by-step:

Write Up an Inventory List

This will help you sort the items you’re packing and storing, so you can plan out what stuff is going where — and what stuff is going in which boxes.

Map Out Your Loading Order

What’s going into the CANSTORE Container first, and what’s going in last. Keep in mind that the stuff you put in first, you’ll be taking out last, and vice versa. Put the non-essential stuff in first and the essential stuff in last.

Moving Blankets Are Your Friend

Use blankets to load your chunky-but-still-fragile belongings into your LuckyBox. Moving blankets offer perfect protection for any furniture you don’t want to get scratched up in the move.

Box It If You Can

If you can, put as much as you can into boxes: they’re easily stackable, easy to load, and provide great protection.

Looks Like You're Ready

Once your stuff is sorted, you’re ready to pack. It should be pretty natural from here, just remember to empty and defrost your fridges and freezes ahead of time.

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