Generally, it is common to see storage sheds in the backyard of every house; storage sheds are typically made out of wood and the main reason for their popularity; it offers extra storage in an enclosed space. On the other hand, the idea of using shipping containers for storage has increased in popularity as it also provides secure enclosed storage space. Here we will suggest the benefits of using shipping containers for storage over storage sheds.  


Durability and Maintenance 


Shipping containers are made of steel, whereas storage sheds are usually made of wood. Shipping containers are built to last, with the steel construction; it can withstand six more containers stacked on top of it.

Shipping containers have an average lifespan of 25 years and will last longer if well maintained.




In terms of security, items stored inside a shipping container are more secure than in a wooden shed; since shipping containers are made of steel, it is hard to break in. With shipping containers being wind, water and rodent proof, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are well kept inside the container. In addition, most shipping containers used for storage will have a lockbox installed; it adds extra security as it preserves your padlock and ultimately prevents bolt cutters.




Shipping containers also offer the option for you to move them easily; as most shipping containers have forklift pockets, you can relocate your shipping container using a forklift to the ideal spot.


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