Our ex-rental storage containers versus “used” containers

At ContainerWest and LuckyBox storage, we provide various storage options to fulfill your storage needs. Although our primary focus is on container rentals and modifications, we sell containers occasionally. In terms of storage containers to purchase, we offer new (one-trip) units and our ex-rental storage containers for sale. Here we will list the basic features of our ex-rental units and compare them with other shipping industry-graded “used” containers to suggest why our ex-rental containers are more suitable for you.

Our ex-rental containers are our older rental containers that are about 10 – 12 years old, and they are typically either Crème or Beige in color. They are all excellent condition. Even though our rental customers technically used these containers, we make sure that all of our ex-rental containers going for sale are wind, water and rodent prove guaranteed.

Perhaps the main difference between our ex-rental containers and other shipping industry-graded “used” containers is the condition and quality of the container. Shipping industry-graded “used” containers have all been on cargo ships, which are exposed to water and salt. On the other hand, our ex-rental storage containers have only been on land; they maintained their quality to qualify as suitable containers for sale. We genuinely believe that our ex-rental storage containers are in much better condition than the “used” containers in the market. It will also benefit you for long-term storage, as our ex-rental containers will last longer in time than a 20+ years old rusty bucket.

We sincerely understand that customers would like first to view the container to learn its condition before deciding to purchase; feel free to come by our facility and arrange a viewing of the container or request photos of the container, and we will send it over to you by email.

Feel free to visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-561-9530 for inquiries.